A Taste Of Northville: Table 5

Living in the suburbs of Metro Detroit can be pretty uneventful.  Luckily the food scene is really starting to take charge and is giving these tiny towns something to talk about.  I live near a little town called Northville, it’s very quaint and one of those, “everybody knows everyone” kinda places.  While their downtown is very limited in size it offers great shopping and dinning along the Center St. & Main St. cross roads.  My family have become regulars at a popular finer dining restaurant, Table 5.  This pint size restaurant has really stirred up lot of talk around town and is constantly becoming harder to get in to.  Over the weekend there is a guaranteed wait, unless you are the lucky few that can snatch a reservation.  They do however offer a bar area with minimal high tops and bar stools to accommodate the first come first serve crowd.  I actually prefer to sit in this area, because you get a choice of delicious bar bites that are not served in the dining area.

If you’re lucky enough to grab a table, plan on taking a ride on a roller coaster of sensational flavors.  Each dish I have ever ordered from here has been absolutely amazing.  The unique flavor combinations create an entirely new dining experience that other places I have dined in lack.  Whenever I dine in I immediately put in an order for their lussier style mussels.  This is the first place I ever tried mussels, and I am now officially hooked!  The mussels are brought to the table, swimming in an orgasmic blend of lemon, white wine, garlic, red pepper flake and parsley.  They are usually quite large and extremely meaty.  The dish is also served with a fresh, out of the oven loaf of bread that is accompanied by their in house made butter, which is constantly changing.  My most recent visit offered garlic and herb along with a sweet cinnamon butter.  I have created a science to how  you should go about eating these little sea creatures.  I tear off a piece of steaming hot bread, saturate it in the white wine blend and down it with one of the mussels.  The spice from the red pepper flake separates the dish from any others like it that I have every had, I highly recommend it!  I know they look quite grotesque, but if you close your eyes and take it down real fast, it’s completely painless and awfully delicious.

I don’t usually order a salad or soup because I want to be ready for the larger main course ahead, however I have no problem sampling from nearby plates.  Since I was with my parents and boyfriend that night, I had plenty of plates to steal from!  My father went with the BLT salad and the corn chowder soup,  two choices I would never even think to order.  The salad came with marinated grape tomatoes, soft boiled egg, generous chunks of bacon and a creamy gorgonzola dressing.   I am not a fan of gorgonzola (kind of a weirdo when it comes to cheese) so I did not snag a taste.  I did however take a sip of his chowder, which kind of left me in shock.  Whenever I hear the word chowder I get kinda creeped out.  It makes me think of a thick bowl of slop that shouldn’t be anywhere near appetizing.  I sucked it up and took a taste and completely chained my mind on the word that I still consider icky.  The texture was on the creamy side, it’s chowder, duh! But what left me with raised eyebrows and lit up eyes was the sweetness of the soup.  It was something I wasn’t expecting and was kind of bummed when I realized it wasn’t my bowl and I had to return it to my dad.

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

When it comes time to order the main dish, you really can’t go wrong.  Every option is absolutely exquisite and is guaranteed to offer a unique taste you have never experienced before.  I am a huge fan of scallops so I went with the pan seared delicacy, which was toped with a bacon hash (not a huge fan of bacon, but I figured what the hell, why not try it).  The dish was drizzled with a sweet tomato aioli, which complimented the other flavors well.  The scallops were nearly raw, with a slight sear on each end.  I had never had such undercooked scallops before but I completely understand why they cook them that way, because they’re FREAKIN’ awesome!  They could be sliced with a fork with ease and melted in my mouth like butter.  I downed the three large scallops in front of me within five minutes, I couldn’t stand a second without having the flavors in the my mouth!  The salty bacon hash offered a contrast of flavor up against the sweet scallop.  Let’s just say I will be ordering this dish in the future!

scallops with bacon hash

scallops with bacon hash

My parents went with other fish filled options.  My dad decided on the salmon cakes, which is actually an appetizer.  The two large salmon patties are paired with a bed of greens and a sweet aioli.   I of course tried a bite and thought the dish was very yummy, the aioli really added some sweetness to the dish, which I really enjoyed.  My mom went with the main salmon dish, which came with a cool, clean cucumber risotto.  She has ordered this dish the past two times we have visited the restaurant, simply because it’s awesome.  The risotto is what really makes the dish, it offers such an eclectic blend of flavors, with a strong hint of cucumber.  The coolness of the risotto also heightens the flavor of the hot salmon and gives you an interesting palate experience.

Whenever we decide to dine here I always say, NO DESSERT, but of course that never actually happens.  I try to be a ‘good girl’ when I dine out and not over indulge too much, but I have a sweet tooth and the wine helps me get over the fact that I’m trying to lose a few L-B’s.  When we received the dessert menu I had no doubt in my mind that I’d be tackling one of the options.  The first choice was Parmenters cinnamon donut bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.  I mean, COME ON, how could you ever say no to that!  If you read my last post on the Cider Mill, you would completely understand my obsession with these famous donuts and why incorporating them into a dessert is just not fair!  My will power completely went out the door and I immediately placed the order, the deal was done!  I also decided to be ‘adventurous’ and order one of their dessert martinis that my mom and I had been eyeing for months, the chocolate covered banana!  We figured bananas were healthy so we weren’t really splurging, right?  We are both huge fans of the flavor combo and figured we had to try it out.  The cocktail was served in a martini glass, drizzled with chocolate syrup and filled with 10 cane rum, creme de banana, Godiva chocolate liqueur and a dash of cream.  I took my first sip, making sure to smear my top lip against the glass to grab some chocolate syrup.  I am not a huge strong cocktail fan, but this was pretty damn good.  The amount of chocolate was just enough to tone down the strong banana flavor, which reminded me of banana Laffy Taffy, my fave!  Since my mom and I shared the concoction it went down pretty quick, which made me pretty sad 😦 , until the bread pudding came 🙂 .  I was pretty bummed I had to share the slice of heave with three other people, but I made sure to get the first bite.  The sweet cinnamon donuts were perfectly baked and blended together in a soggy mesh of perfection.  The ice cream, while it wasn’t necessary, made the dish even better!  The scoop gently melted over the bread pudding and paired perfectly with it.  I highly recommend this dessert, which is only available while the Mills are still open (Labor Day-Thanksgiving day weekend).  The best way my table of guests could describe the dish was, ‘cold, hot, woah’, may not make much sense now, but once you try it you’ll totally understand!

Aside from Table 5 being a great weekend dining option, they also offer a wine pairing every second Monday of the month.  I have only attended one pairing, but will be attending my second this coming Monday.  The first one I went to was ridiculously good and I could not say one bad thing about it.  Each dish was so different I would never consider ordering it on my own, but when each plate was brought to the table I made sure it left licked clean.  This way of dining is a great way to sample some great wines and enjoy food you would never imagine ordering!  Each month they choose a theme, in the past they have done Spanish and California wines, paired with foods from that origin.  The pairing that I will be attending this coming week will be ‘farm to table’, which I am really looking forward to, and is said to be their most popular pairing.  The pairings are usually $30 per person and include a five course meal and wine, which compliments each course. I have attended a few wine pairings else where, but none have ever offered such quality food and wine for such a low price! With that being said the pairings quickly fill up, so make sure to plan ahead and sign up the day after the last wine pairing to guarantee yourself a spot. I plan to blog about my pairing experience  later this week, so stay tuned!

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